Sealcoating FAQ

What is the difference between your sealer and the sealer at Home Depot?
Hardware stores provide emulsified or latex asphalt sealer. Emulsified and latex sealer is extremely watered down, does not provide a strong finish to your asphalt, and it does not last long. The buckets of sealer at Home Depot would last around 6 months and it also causes the driveway to flake since it does not adhere to asphalt very well. Our premium sealer is much thicker, lasts around two years, and adheres to your driveway extremely well. Our custom blend sealer has a lot of additives in it like melted clay, oil, and sand which is extremely beneficial to keep your driveway strong and healthy. 

When should a new driveway be sealed?
4-12 months after you pave it. Fresh asphalt is very thirsty because all the oil has evaporated over time. Our premium custom blend sealer will keep your driveway strong, healthy, and will double the driveways’ life span.  

How are cracks filled?
We blow and clean all the debris out of the crack. We then add tough sand to the crack so the crack filler will be as level with the driveway as possible. Finally, we apply our melted rubber crack filler to prevent the crack from getting any larger. Please visit our Services Tab and click Crack Filling for more information!

How long do I have to keep off the driveway?
No walking for 24 hours, and no driving for 72 hours. The driveway will be oily for the first 2 weeks making the asphalt a bit softer. Avoid any hard braking and turning your steering wheel for the first 2 weeks after the driveway has been seal coated to prevent any bad tire marks. 

What sort of maintenance is required for a driveway?
The best thing you can do with your driveway is to get it seal coated with our premium custom blend sealer every 2 years. This will keep the driveway strong, healthy, and double its life span. You want to avoid placing any heavy equipment on it like dumpsters, try to avoid any snow plowing, and avoid oil stains. 


How often should I seal coat my driveway?
If you use our premium custom blend sealer, we recommend every 2 years so the driveway will stay strong, healthy, and double its life span!

What is the process for seal coating my driveway? 
We first clean and blow everything off your driveway so there is no debris, dirt, or any liquids. We then fill any cracks if there are any. Finally, we sealcoat your entire driveway and put up caution tape at the entrance of your driveway. 

Why should I hire the Driveway Guys?
It is our objective to do the best job possible on your driveway. Anything less than excellent is unsatisfactory to us. We have plenty of experience, our employees are superior in this field, our top of the line equipment is state of the art, and we are well known throughout New Jersey for the great work we do. Hiring The Driveway Guys isn’t just a job to us, it’s an investment to ensure your driveway stays strong and healthy for years to come.