Our Services

Our Services


Paving: We offer all asphalt paving and milling services. Whether it’s a driveway, parking lot, or a roadway we have everything we need to get the job done right. Our team is equipped with state of the art machinery ensuring your project comes out great. Our highly trained employees are knowledgeable in every aspect of paving. Our exceptional quality of work has given us the reputation to be well known all throughout New Jersey. We are dedicated to providing every customer with excellent craftmanship and a long lasting investment towards your property.

Seal Coating: The purpose of seal coating is to add a protective layer to your asphalt. Our custom blend premium sealer is mostly made out of melted clay. Its intention is to stabilize the asphalt together preventing future cracks from forming. Other than melted clay it is also made up of sand, oil, and some liquids. The life span of your driveway will double when you get it seal coated by us. Seal coating your driveway also adds a cosmetic new look to your driveway making it appear newer. 

Crack Filling: The purpose of crack filling is to prevent cracks from getting larger. Our crack filler is mostly made up of melted rubber. When we apply it, the crack filler sustains the crack from expanding. Our crack filler takes 5-10 minutes to dry, so once it is dry we seal coat on top of it adding a strong finishing touch. 

Pothole Repairs: Depending on the size of the pot hole, there are two ways to repair them. The first way is to cut out the damaged area with a demo saw and replace the bad asphalt with newly paved asphalt. This is recommended for large pot hole areas. The second way is to fill the pot hole with our hot premium asphalt patch, then stomping it with a tamper. This is recommended for small pot hole areas.

Asphalt Patching: This is recommended for commercial parking lots. We mark out the area that needs to be replaced and we rip it open with our heavy duty machinery. We then inspect the foundation of the rip out and determine if any stone needs to be added to the base. Tack Coat is then applied to the base layer to help the overlay adhere to the new pavement. We then pave the top layer for a smooth finish.