East Brunswick sealcoating is a must if you want to keep your asphalt driveway in good shape. A sealcoat is a protective layer that can prevent damage due to weather conditions like rain and sun, harsh chemicals and more, but it doesn’t last forever. While it is often overlooked, there are a lot of advantages that come with sealcoating your driveway which will save you money and headaches in the long-run. So, how can you tell whether your asphalt driveway is in need of East Brunswick sealcoating services? Below, we will go over some of the top indicators,

East Brunswick SealcoatingEast Brunswick Sealcoating | Small Cracks:

It’s recommended that a driveway with small cracks be sealcoated again before cracks widen. It’s imperative that you understand only small cracks can be present prior to applying a sealcoat layer. Bigger damage needs to be addressed before a sealcoating company can service your driveway. Large cracks need to be filled with a crack filling agent, and potholes of any size repaired; otherwise the sealcoat won’t be able to offer adequate protection.

Sealcoating in East Brunswick | Plant Growth:

You may see the beginnings of vegetation growth inside small cracks in your driveway. Tiny spears of grass peeking through the surface are signs of crack formation—even hairline cracks can host vegetation. As mentioned above, small cracks can be sealcoated over, but if a plant has grown, that means roots lie below the surface.

Middlesex County Sealcoating | Fading:

Driveways should have a deep black finish, and are at their darkest when asphalt is newly installed and sealcoated. And although the black will begin to fade over time, be aware that fading to a grayish-black color is a sign that it needs to be sealcoated again. Sealcoating restores the surface to its original black, while also protecting the driveway from damage.

East Brunswick Driveway Sealcoating | Age:

How often you need to reseal your driveway depends on a few main factors: age, use, climate and quality of the sealcoat. A good rule of thumb is to hire a professional team to apply sealcoating every three to five years. Doing so preserves the appearance and structural integrity of your driveway. If it’s been more than five years, call an East Brunswick paving contractor now!

Sealcoating in East Brunswick

East Brunswick Driveway Repair | Winter is Coming:

With winter comes rain and possible frost below the surface, which can do a number on parking lot surfaces—especially lots that are already compromised by existing damage or subjected to heavy traffic on a regular basis. Make sure to be proactive and sealcoat your parking lot well before winter arrives.

Driveway Sealcoating in East Brunswick | Gas, Oil & Other Fluid Stains:

Weather, regular use and age can cause driveway damage, but so can a buildup of leaked vehicle fluids and other harsh chemicals. This list includes motor oil and coolant, which are typically left behind—and very visible—after a car pulls out of a driveway. These fluids will leach through unprotected asphalt, but a fresh sealcoat can prevent that from happening.

Looking for Professional East Brunswick Sealcoating Services?

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