Middlesex County asphalt paving is the go-to choice for paving your commercial property. This is because asphalt is a very practical and cost-efficient material. An asphalt parking lot is an investment that will provide you with benefits for years to come, and will pay for itself before you know it! Below are some of the top advantages that an asphalt parking lot in Middlesex County has to offer.

Middlesex County Asphalt Paving | Safety:

The smoothness of asphalt pavement gives vehicle tires superior contact with the road. Open-graded asphalt allows water to drain through the surface and off to the sides, reducing the amount of splash made from vehicles. Water drainage also means there will be less ice come winter, resulting in less chances of people slipping and falling on your property. Asphalt also has better skid resistance and better visual distinction for lot markings.

Middlesex County Asphalt Paving

Asphalt Paving in Middlesex County | Versatility:

No matter how big or small your business, asphalt can play a role. It can be used for driveways, highways, parking lots and even for track beds that provide a safe base for high-speed passenger trains or heavy shipments. Asphalt pavement is also used worldwide as a solution for water storage, flood control and erosion.

Central NJ Parking Lot Paving | Noise Reduction:

Simply put, asphalt is quiet pavement. Traffic volume is reduced by 50 percent, or three decibels, when the surface is asphalt pavement.

Middlesex County Paving Contractor | Sustainability:

Asphalt pavements are among America’s most recycled products. Asphalt is able to be reused/renewed, which reduces the cost on parking lots and the need for new materials.

Paving Company in Central NJ | Long-Lasting:

When asphalt pavements have preventative maintenance, the life of the asphalt parking lot, driveway or highway will increase. Maintenance includes:

  • Sealcoating to protect the asphalt against UV rays, water and other surface pollutants
  • Crack filling and Pothole repair to keep damages from expanding
  • Sweeping and cleaning to keep the asphalt looking its best

Central NJ Paving | Quick & Easy Installation/Maintenance:

Asphalt can be installed quickly and requires minimal maintenance, which helps you keep your parking lot open to customers.

Middlesex County Paving Services | Increased Property Value:

Improving the exterior of your property can provide an increase in value of up to five percent. When you go green using porous asphalt not only can you save money on installation, but you can also boost your property value through curb appeal and the use of green infrastructure.

Looking for the Best Middlesex County Asphalt Paving Services?

The Driveway Guys specialize in all phases of asphalt. Whether it’s paving, seal coating, crack filling, pot hole repairs, or patching. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality work and excellent customer service. We take an enormous amount of pride in the attention to detail for everything we do. Our Central NJ service area includes towns in Middlesex County, such as Piscataway, Middlesex, Woodbridge, Old Bridge, Edison, East Brunswick, South River, Helmetta, Sayreville, and many more! For more information, you can call us at (908)907-8140, or visit our home page.

Central Jersey Driveway Paving

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