Do you know if it’s time for Middlesex County sealcoating services? Many driveways across the Central NJ area are showing symptoms of wear and tear, which can cause damage to vehicles and even devalue your overall property. There are some signs that indicate that it’s time for a new sealcoating. If you notice any of the following signs, you should contact a professional for Middlesex County sealcoating services.

Sealcoating in Middlesex CountyMiddlesex County Sealcoating | Drainage Problems:

If a driveway is in good condition, the drainage should work fine without causing any problems. However, an accumulation of rainwater on your driveway is a sign that it may need repairs or even replacing. Excess water can make paths slippery and hazardous, not to mention become a breeding ground for moss and algae.

Sealcoating in Middlesex County | Cracks:

Though cracks can frequently be overlooked as a minor issue, as time goes on they can multiply and expand, rendering your driveway unusable. The winter is an especially common time of year that cracks will begin to appear, due to the ice expanding and contracting successively. By looking for small cracks and getting them repaired, home and business owners can avoid the need for full renovations later on.

Driveway Sealcoating in Middlesex County | Asphalt Discoloration:

Exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause a driveway’s color to fade and its appearance to deteriorate. Weathered driveways are also weaker and more susceptible to potholes and cracks than newer paths. Make sure to give your asphalt a proper seal coating before it reaches that point!

Driveway Paving in Middlesex County | Buckling & Warping:

Look at the surface of your pavement. Does the asphalt appear level and even or can you see wavy sections? Warped pavement can happen due to an insufficient or compromised base, and/or heavy vehicle use. Often, the area can be leveled up with asphalt. On the other hand, sometimes both the asphalt and base will need to be replaced

Middlesex County Sealcoating

Central NJ Sealcoating | Potholes

Potholes are one of the leading causes of damage and personal injury, especially during the nighttime when visibility is poor. Holes in asphalt can be easily fixed when they are smaller; however, if they are left to develop into larger potholes, they can ruin your driveway beyond full repair.

Middlesex County Driveway Repair | Sinkage:

Asphalt pavement sits on crushed stone or a compacted base. If this base begins to erode, you may notice sinkage, especially near buildings and other structures, such as carports. Sinkage often indicates that your downspouts are depositing water too close to the structure, increasing the impact on the pavement below. You may need gutter repair in addition to asphalt services.

Looking for the Best Middlesex County Sealcoating Services?

The Driveway Guys specialize in all phases of asphalt. Whether it’s paving, seal coating, crack filling, pot hole repairs, or patching. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality work and excellent customer service. We take an enormous amount of pride in the attention to detail for everything we do. Our Central NJ service area includes towns in Middlesex County, such as Piscataway, Middlesex, Woodbridge, Old Bridge, East Brunswick, South River, Helmetta, Sayreville, and many more! For more information, you can call us at (908)907-8140, or visit our home page.

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