Somerset County Driveway PavingAre you in need of Somerset County driveway paving services? Driveways can be a pretty hefty expense, especially if they’re properly paved and require frequent repairs. Asphalt is an excellent Somerset County driveway paving material that can help the reduce cost and stress of your project. This is why it’s recommended have your driveway installed with asphalt instead than concrete. Below are some of the many reasons to consider asphalt for your driveway paving project.

Somerset County Driveway Paving | Asphalt is Cheaper to Repair:

Eventually, any type of paved surface will become weathered and damaged by the elements and use. Concrete is considerably more time-consuming and expensive to repair compared to asphalt. To fix concrete, the section that is damage needs to be removed and replaced. For fixing asphalt, a Somerset County driveway paving company can simply apply hot asphalt over top of the damaged area. It will seep into and fill the cracks before being rolled over with a steamroller to create a nice, smooth surface.

Driveway Paving in Somerset County | Asphalt is Durable:

Asphalt is made a bit differently compared to concrete. Concrete is made with a mixture of crushed rocks, sand, water, and cement. The cement binds it all together and creates a very solid material, concrete, when it dries. Concrete is not good with any kind of uneven surface, however, and is very likely to break due to it. Asphalt, on the other hand, is bound with bitumen and some other components. Hot asphalt is laid on top of a thicker layer of aggregate and once it cools will be very strong and durable as well. The primary difference is that it is more flexible and can handle the stress of an uneven surface. For this reason it is less likely to crack and cause future problems.

Asphalt Paving in Somerset County | Asphalt is a Recyclable Material

 This won’t serve you too much while it’s in use, but you can feel good about having a material that won’t take up landfill space when it’s time has come. Asphalt is a fully recyclable material that is in high demand.

Looking for the Best Somerset County Driveway Paving Company?

The Driveway Guys specialize in all phases of asphalt, whether it’s paving, sealcoating, crack filling, pot hole repairs, or patching. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality work and excellent customer service. We take an enormous amount of pride in the attention to detail for everything we do. Our Central NJ service area includes towns in Somerset County, such as Somerville, Somerset, Bound Brook, South Bound Brook, Rocky Hill, Basking Ridge, Montgomery, Hillsborough, Bedminster, Bernardsville, Branchburg, Bridgewater and many more! For more information, you can call us at (908)907-8140, or visit our home page.

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